Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Sensory Integration Therapy For Your Special Kids

Sensory integration therapy is one of the important clinical approaches to treat disorders related to sensory integration. An occupational therapist or physical therapist can perform this therapy to the patients by the use of certain sensory and motor skill exercises. Sensory integration therapy is a collection of games that can help children to better use and process their sensory information.

 Sensory integration therapy is highly useful for the children who need an extensive revision of general motor skills such as children affected with autism. Sensory integration therapy includes movement education, gymnastics, and adaptive physical education. A series of education helps a child to respond correctly and appropriately to sensory data. Sensory integration therapy develops customized methods to build memory skills, attention skills, visual processing, auditory processing, processing of logic, reasoning, speed, and comprehension. Sensory integration therapy is consisting of the essential mental skills that are needed to handle sensory integration disorders in certain cases. Strong sensory integration and cognitive skills are highly important to read, spell and to perform other learning abilities in a good manner. Weak sensory integration and cognitive skills often develop many problems in a person behavior.
 Sensory integration therapy is good for the children to have problems in sensory integration and weak cognitive skills. Sensory integration therapy helps in immediate assessment of the child and provides long-term solutions. Sensory integration therapy is a complete treatment plan for the affected children in an economical manner. It also saves time and reduces manpower to handle affected children.
Jeevaniyam Ayurveda hospital and research center, Cochin is exclusively working for the treatment of special children. Jeevaniyam Ayurveda is continuously looking for providing new and innovative ways to treat children with sensory integration disorder. Jeevaniyan Ayurveda has offered world-class facilities to treat children with sensory integration disorders
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